Where the SHEEP trails takes you...



WATER POINTS: WP 1 – Tot-Hier-Toe Padstall| WP 2 – Aunt Evelyn | WP 3 & 4 – Boetie’s Pub and The Village Inn.
ROAD SURFACE: A mix between Jeep tracks, Single tracks, Gravel and District road.
RECOMMENDED BIKE: We recommend using a Mountain Bike or E-Bike.
ROUTE: Day 1 is all about  exploring the town of Nieu-Bethesda and to see what the enchanting town has on display along a 17km route through town with pit stops at interesting places. The Hang Bridge crossing will be the first focal point which ascends to the Nieu-Bethesda viewpoint. Here you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the town and some small local farms. You will then head down to the Tot Hier Toe Padstal for a revitalising snack before going up towards Aunt Evelyn’s place for an ice-cold homemade ginger beer. The route descends onto a section alongside fully functioning historic water furrows, which serve as the watery veins of Nieu-Bethesda. The pitstops keep rolling in with a duel check-in pitstop at Boeties Pub for a refreshing beer and a delicious cinnamon-sugar-filled pancake nibble right next door at The Village Inn Restaurant before heading back to the race village.



WATER POINTS: WP 1 – 30km |  WP 2 – 50km
ROAD SURFACE: Mainly gravel roads.
RECOMMENDED BIKE: We recommend using a Mountain Bike or E-Bike.
ROUTE: On day two you will start your ride with a gradual climb towards the Sneeuberg nature reserve, be sure to look out for wildlife on the way. Your climb will end at about 25km and just after you will find your first waterpoint at 30km, this will be on the farm Blouwater. Your second climb will start at 50km just after your second waterpoint. You will make your way back into Nieu-Bethesda where you will go straight to The Brewery and Two Goat Deli for the best beer in town and a delicious cheese and salami platter for lunch.